Bella came to us in September of 2018.  The day we got her, we woke up with no intention of welcoming another dog into our lives so soon.  You see, only 5 weeks prior to that morning, we said goodbye to our 13-year-old Doberman, Raspberry.  For a time in our lives, we had 3 dogs and 3 kids.  Banjo, the yellow lab, left us first.  Several years later, in March of 2016, we said our goodbyes to Bailey, our first Doberman.  We had already decided that when Raspberry left us, we would be without a dog for a time.  Especially since we have a move in our near future.  We woke up that morning to a message from a friend to give her a call.  Chris did and it was an offer to take in Bella.  Her owners love her very much, but sadly, the husband's health no longer enabled them to keep their dear four-legged friend.  Chris worked with the wife for a time and she always said wonderful things about Bella, so he knew she was a good dog.  We didn't need much time to pray about it because God had already prepared our hearts to welcome her.  By the afternoon, we had a new family member!  Bella, a 10-year-old English Pointer.  She is exactly what we didn't know we needed!

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