8/6-10/19 Sooner BBQ in Stuarts Draft partnered with Risen Ridge Ministry to hold a fundraiser for our new pony, Maple.  All week long customers could put money in the feed bucket that was on display and on Saturday when they placed their order if they wanted to "Fill the Feed Bucket", 15% of the profit from those sales went to Maple as well.  The goal was to raise her adoption fee.  I am humbled to say that the goal was not only meet but exceeded!!!! Huge, big, giant thanks to Sooner BBQ and their continuous support and excitement for Risen Ridge Ministry! We live in such an amazing community and I'm so thankful that people are beginning to see this awesome ministry growing.

Early August 2019  God is on the move so fast right now that it seems I can hardly keep up with the blessings that are coming our way.  It's really amazing! So here goes a quick list.  This list is seriously from the last 7 days!!!


 *The tack room floor in the barn was a bit on the saggy side. Two knowledgable volunteers not only offered to demo the old floor and rebuild a new floor but also supplied the new flooring as well! The project is almost complete and it is going to be amazing!

*Just this past week I asked about getting a hutch-type piece of furniture for the tack room.  Someone responded with a great piece and they want to donate it!

*We have been hoping to get a banner to display at places like Sooner, when they do a fundraiser for us, or when we go to events where we would set up an informational booth.  Well, we have a very connected friend who was able to ask the owner of Converge Local if he would give us a good deal on getting a banner printed.  He not only gave us TWO banners, but he DONATED them to Risen Ridge Ministry!!!

*We had a "neighborhood" cookout at the horse farm and before the evening was through, one of the neighboring farmers offered to DONATE round bales all winter long! Whenever we need one, we just need to give him a call!

*We are going to be holding our first big event (details coming soon, I promise!) and our well-connected friend, once again asked another local printing company called, McClung Companies, if they would give us a discount on printing invitations.  Guess what??? They have offered to print all 150 of them FOR FREE!!!!!

July 2019 A dear friend of ours, who is a lifelong horsewoman, volunteers at a local horse rescue called, Hope's Legacy Equine Rescue. During her time there she had noticed a few horses that she thought would be a good fit for Risen Ridge Ministry. On July 6th, we went to visit Courtney at Hope's Legacy while she did her volunteer work and meet some of the horses she liked for RRM. We had been praying about the second horse for RRM.  Our desire was for one of two types, either a large, stocky horse, maybe even a draft or draft cross, and the other was for a large pony.  Something small enough that it wouldn't be intimidating but large enough for small adults to ride. As soon as we saw Maple we knew that she fit the bill for our large pony. On July 17th we went back to evaluate her further and determined that she would, indeed, be a great fit. On July 27th, Maple came home to live with Socks as Risen Ridge Ministry's second four-legged ministry partner! You can read more about Maple on her page.

7/10/19 Risen Ridge Ministry received a letter from the IRS that we are officially a recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization!!!!  Yay God!!!

Mid-June 2019 On June 8th, Jen got a phone call from a lady who had heard about Risen Ridge Ministry, had a horse she wanted to donate, and thought he would be a great match, especially for people with PTSD and veterans. After speaking with her at length, we decided to go and take a look at her horse. On June 12th, Chris, Jen, and two friends made the hour-long trip to go meet Joanne and Socks.  It all seemed too good to be true, Socks is definitely a wonderful horse and will be an excellent ministry partner.  After holding an official vote with the board of directors, we brought Socks home the very next day! Not only did they donate a horse, but they donated a whole bunch of tack and equipment! You can read more of the story in the blog.

6/1/19 Risen Ridge Ministry held its second workday. We had an amazing team come out to help and everything on our to-do list was accomplished! We had such a blessed day! Check out the video :-)

5/11/19 Risen Ridge Ministry took a little road trip to Farmville, Virginia, to visit our friends at Glory Reins Ranch.  We had a blessed time and learned a lot!  They even made an awesome video of our day and took lots of pictures.

5/4/19 Risen Ridge had its first work day!  It was a great success and a lot of fun!

4/28/19 Chris and Jen were invited to share the exciting news about a location for Risen Ridge with their home church, Greenmonte Fellowship.  It was so wonderful to share the joy of God's blessing with people who have been on this journey with us since the beginning.

3/28/2019 We received a very generous blessing of horse equipment! I've written about it here.  The gift includes: 2 plastic pitchforks, metal pitchfork, large metal shovel, lunge line, lunge whip, crop, 2 bitless bridles, 1 leather bridle, assorted brushes, 2 buckets, 3 buckets that hook to a fence, grazing muzzle, fly mask, 2 saddles, a bareback pad, 3 girths, 2 galvanized trash cans, a saddle pad, and 2 helmets.  The stairs are 5 steps with a 4’x4’ platform at the top.  In loving memory of Grits and Cooley, we want to thank God for His timing and faithfulness and Tom and Barb Mayfield for their blessing.   

2 Corinthians 9:8

8 And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.


3/22/2019 It's official, WE HAVE A LOCATION!!!!!  You can read the whole blog post here, but the short version is that a member of our community saw the In the Draft article and contacted us!  This family has a huge heart for ministry and has truly hoped that their property would be used for ministry in some way.  We will be using their horse facilities while they continue to live on the property.  We have about 7 acres of pasture, a 5 stall barn with a tack room and a hayloft, and a riding arena!!!  I can't express how thankful I am to God!  He has been putting puzzle pieces into place for years for us to be able to utilize this property.



2/27/2019 We have a super informative, local facebook page called, In the Draft.  After contacting the author, she agreed to meet with me and Chris to learn about Risen Ridge Ministry.  Each week she features someone local as her In the Draft Person of the Week.  She decided to feature us and wrote a great piece about the ministry and our family.  You can read the article here!



2/14/2019  With the nonprofit filing complete, we feel like the Lord has given us the green light to begin promoting Risen Ridge Ministry in our community.  We have created a flyer to share that briefly explains the vision of RRM, what a horse ministry is, what RRM is doing, and what our current needs are.  Please feel free to print it or email me for a copy.

******Click HERE to see the flyer******



2/14/2019  Great news!  We have sent the paperwork to the IRS to become a recognized nonprofit organization!  This  step has been a couple of years in the making and we are thrilled to move past this step.  Now we pray and wait.  It can take anywhere from 3 - 9 months for approval, however, once we are approved, we can provide a tax receipt all the way back to August of 2018 when we were incorporated with the state of Virginia. 


Risen Ridge Ministry