In early July 2019, a long-time friend of ours invited us to visit the place she volunteers, Hope's Legacy Equine Rescue in Afton, VA. During her time volunteering there, she had her eye on a few horses that she thought might work for the ministry and she wanted us to meet them. While all of the horses are beautiful and wonderful, Maple really caught our eye as one that could fill a need at Risen Ridge. We spent some time with her in her pasture that evening and decided that we needed to come back and assess her further. About two weeks later we did just that and agreed that she would work very well as a ministry partner. We learned that she was part of an animal control seizure of a lot of horses on a small amount of acreage. Most of the horses that were seized were in rough shape, however, Maple was one of the lucky and favored ones. She remained well-fed and cared for. Sadly, this was not the first time she had been part of an animal control seizure.  We learned that since 2016, between foster homes and owners, we are the seventh home for Maple. That is a lot of moving around and unsettledness for anyone to endure! On July 27th, she came home to join our team! Maple has found her forever home and we adore her.

Maple is a 13h gaited mare whom we believe to be a Paso Fino cross.  She is a beautiful red roan with striking markings and a gorgeous mane that children love to brush and braid.  We know that her size will be a comfort to those who may be intimidated by a large horse and her demeanor is very sweet and curious.

The services at Risen Ridge will be offered free of charge to those whom God brings.  If you would like to help with the care and upkeep of Maple and the rest of the herd so that they may be used by God please follow the link below.

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