Tack Room Makeover

The Lord has been granting us a lot of time to get all of the foundational pieces of the ministry in place and ready to begin serving our community. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be sharing those projects. The first project we tackled was the tack room. We started it months ago but the quarantine has given us the time to complete it. Many hands played a part in the remodel and we are beyond thankful! Hope you enjoy the video!


We are very excited to announce that Risen Ridge Ministry now has a beautiful, 60' round pen! This arena will be a wonderful tool to help our guests work with the horses in a focused environment. Both the guest and the horse can work together in a beautiful, safe, environment tucked into the hillside. 

Not only is it wonderful to have this amazing space to do the Lord's work, but looking back over the past 8 months and seeing the many hands that went into making this a reality is a huge blessing. From location consultations, excavators, footing consultations, footing installation, donation of the round pen, putting the wood around the bottom, and finally bringing it to the barn and setting it up; so many hearts and hands serving the Lord in this way. As usual, I put together a little video of the process. Hope you enjoy!

2020 is off to a great start!

Our leadership team has been very busy getting things ready for our first season serving the community. All of the policies, procedures, forms, handbooks, procedures for volunteers, procedures for guests, training the horses...the list is long, but we have been extremely active in creating these things, moving forward toward opening in May! We do our very best to operate on the Lord's timing and not our own. He may have other plans, we will just proceed as He leads. 

Aside from the business side of things, so much has been happening at the barn! I don't want to post pictures until the projects are 100% complete, but in the works are an office/prayer room, a beautiful tack room, and a run-in shed.  All being worked on right now! 

The horses are all doing great! They are in full shedding mode and I never leave the barn NOT covered in hair -- lol! 'Tis the season! 


We are planning a few events within the next few months.

We will be introducing our new presentation called, Discover Risen Ridge. If you are curious about what a horse ministry is and who Risen Ridge is, this is for you! If you know us a little bit and would like us to share this amazing ministry at your church or group, let us know! We love sharing this journey. 

We will begin holding Volunteer Orientations. These events are designed to introduce you to the culture of RRM as well as the rules and the various volunteer opportunities.

A fence painting workday! A day to grab your paintbrush and come out to the farm to spruce up the fence with a fresh coat of paint. 

A community event! Possibly in early summer, we would like to hold an open house/picnic lunch at the farm.  

These are just a few of the ideas we are tossing around, so stay tuned!

As a housekeeping note, if you have tried to donate using a credit card via this website and got an error message, the issue has been resolved.

Don't forget to check out the wish list and pray about a way that you could possibly get involved.

Roundpen Progress

The Miller's farm came equipped with a lovely arena for riding, but in ministry, Risen Ridge felt that the addition of a roundpen would be an invaluable tool. After choosing a suitable location, adding a roundpen would require extensive excavation, the addition of suitable footing, the roundpen walls, and fencing around the roundpen since the location is in the pasture. Early last spring, a dear friend of ours felt led to help. He owns a bulldozer and had it delivered to the farm to begin excavation. Over the next month or so, he worked very hard to carve out a 60" diameter circle on the hillside. He is a lifelong farmer, so crops called him to his livelihood. We did not have the funding to move forward with hiring people to do the work, so the roundpen was put on hold for the summer. After the Roundup event in September, the board determined that we indeed had the funds to move forward with the construction of the roundpen. Local excavator Bobby Eavers of H.C. Eavers came to put the finishing touches on the excavating and make it ready to have the footing installed. Good's Services of Harrisonburg brought in our footing and even donated a portion of the estimate. We have use of a fence panel roundpen already lined up (Praise God and big thanks to Christy Wood!). We hope to have it brought to the farm and put up in the next couple of weeks. Below are some photos of the progress thus far. In the spring, we will landscape a bit and plant grass on the slope. We can't wait to begin working with the horses in the roundpen. It will be a vital part of their training (and ours, too!).

The roundpen site
Excavation has begun
A pad has been made
It grew up a little over the summer
Excavation is complete!
Footing installed

Making plans...

While we know that even though we can make plans all day long, it is our Heavenly Father who determines our steps (Proverbs 16:9), it is important that we keep moving forward with minds and hearts tuned into God's plan and with a willingness to change course as He leads. That being said, we have come up with a timeline to when we believe we'll start serving the community. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions. This journey and this ministry are not ours to hold, it is for us to share.

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