In late September, Hurricane Florence brought us huge amounts of rain and with the rain, a lot of local flooding.  A friend of ours was riding his bike in one of the downpours (his bike is his primary mode of transportation) and heard some tiny meowing coming from one of the ditches.  The meowing was coming from a tiny orange and white kitten.  He kept him for a few days but his cat didn't appreciate the company, so he asked if we would like him.  He showed us an absolutely ADORABLE, tiny kitten only about 6 weeks old.  I decided that he could come home with us and if we thought it was too much to take on, then he could become one of the farm kitties.  At least he would be safe.  We brought him home and the kids, of course, fell in love immediately.  Chris thought we should name him Noah since he survived a flood!  So Noah it is!  He is currently living inside because he is so young, but will eventually become a barn kitty with Pickles.  Keeping the mouse population to a minimum and giving out free snuggles to everyone.


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