In May of 2017, one of the local kitty Mommies, Marbles, had a litter of five kittens.  The Dad, a rouge tomcat we call Old King Coal, has no tail and thus, neither do some of his offspring.  Of the five, four made it into the second week.  Around week five, two of the kittens had gotten very curious and began wandering.  Their mother didn't seem to care, so we decided to help them out a little bit by keeping them safely inside until they were old enough to survive outside on their own.  We named them Pickles and Blossom.  Blossom had no tail.  As they grew, we would let them stay outside for longer and longer periods of time.  By the fall, they were outside full time and doing just fine.  That is until one day in November when it had gotten fairly cold, and Pickles thought it was much warmer under a car hood.  He was found, seemingly based on the smell and look of the injury, a few days after he had gotten caught in the engine of the vehicle when someone unknowingly turned it on.  Even though he wasn't, technically, our cat, we had cared for him and raised him and he really didn't belong to anyone so we felt that it was our responsibility to have him cared for.  So off to the vet we went.  Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of a dear friend, he was neutered, vaccinated, and had his left hind leg amputated.  Because he was so young when it happened, he has recovered remarkably well.  We do bring him inside every night for safety reasons, but he is outside all day, climbing trees, chasing bugs, and even catching mice.  When we have a barn, he and his friend, Noah, will be our faithful barn kitties; providing mouse control and lap snuggles.


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