Growing closer to God sometimes feels like peeling an onion, very, very slowly. He seems to be stripping us of anything that puts a barrier between us and Him. It’s not always a pleasant experience, in fact, sometimes it makes us cry. What is left at the end is the best part! The vulnerable inner part, that the chef can use in whatever way he chooses to add flavor to his food. In the same way, God peels our distracting layers away to reveal our pure, vulnerable self that He can use to flavor His world in whatever way He needs to.

Over the last, roughly, five years, God has been peeling away the layers in our family. We feel that He has been slowly taking away our worldly distractions and bringing us into a closer relationship with Him so that we are prepared to do His work. In our journey, we have learned to live with less and less and to fix our eyes more consistently on Him and our eternity. When we do that, most earthly things just seem to fall away. Our relationships with others have changed, the way we spend our money has changed, our habits have changed, we aren’t distracted by TV anymore, our jobs have changed, and our focus has changed. It’s this last piece that seems to have changed me the most and brings us to our latest change.

As of this week, I am once again a stay home Mom! Yay!!!! The world is screaming at us – what are you going to do for money? What about health insurance? And many more questions. But, as we move into closer relationship with our Lord, we must trust that in doing His work, He will take care of us. We have peace and joy in this decision. I was reading Exodus last night and I love the passage about God providing water and manna for His people as they roamed in the wilderness. The people kept whining to Moses, “where is our water?” and God provided it, “where is our food?” and God answered. He cared for them, without fail and without excess. They had to learn to trust that He would provide for them and He did. He will do the same for us. With Chris’s new job at Love Inc, he will go to local churches to educate people about what Love Inc. is, seek volunteers, raise financial support for his job. God will bless us without fail and without excess. He will provide exactly what we need.

So onward we go, on this amazing adventure with our Lord and Saviour as our leader. I will, once again, be a stay home Mom, and Chris will be working with the local ministry of Love Inc. We are going to head to Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch in Oregon in May and see what we learn and where God leads us from there. I am excitedly planning our garden, looking forward to hanging laundry out on spring days, doing a small group bible study, finding new things to bake, and exploring the possibility of homeschooling our kids.

Isaiah is full of God’s promises to us, but one of my favorites is 41:10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

With joy,


Risen Ridge Ministry