Double header Part 2: Parallels

Chris has his own testimony and, while I have shared our journey together as a family, his is very powerful on its own. I’ve asked him to share it on our blog, but that will have to be in the Lord’s time and not mine J I will share some of the more recent bits though…

In September, Chris retired from 20 years of police work with a sense that he was being called to work for the Lord in a much different capacity. He did not know that through the volunteer work he had been doing with Love Inc, they would see the same call on his life and ask him to become part of their team. Love Inc partnered with Virginia Mennonite Missions (VMM) to let Chris apply for, and be accepted into, their TranSend program. You can read more about it here:

As a part of the TranSend program, Chris met with leaders from our church, from Love Inc., and from VMM. Together, they looked at the job description provided by Love Inc. and came up with a base “salary”. In order for Chris to begin his work, he must raise 90% of these funds. A large grant was provided by VMM, Love Inc. generously gave a large amount, and our home church contributed a generous portion as well. Chris has since received donations from several individuals that has raised our total to 84% - we are almost there! He needs $1,540 to reach 90%.

Along with the funding, Chris needs a Ministry Support Team (MST) which consists of 8 people to walk with him and our family, for the next year, as he participates in the program. This has been one of the more difficult tasks to undertake. Chris is very sensitive to how valuable people’s time is and doesn’t want people to feel obligated to help. He was encouraged to pray about it and seek God’s wisdom. What he learned is that other people are excited about this journey and want to help! As of today, we have 2 positions open, but they are both tentatively filled by people prayerfully considering those positions.

I felt like it was important to share this part of our journey with you. It is a vital part of our horse ministry and will make our ministry even stronger when it gets started. Part of his job with Love Inc. will involve speaking at local churches to educate people on what Love Inc. is and how volunteers can help, he will also be building relationships for the future. The experience, knowledge, and relationships that Chris will gain are going to be the foundation for our own ministry.

I am so thankful that I know God enough to see His hand on our journey. The path has been laid out before us since before we were born! All of our experiences and passions have been molding and shaping us to fulfill God’s plan for us. He has already told us that he knows His plans for us in Jeremiah 29:11. Now you know a little more of the story. I felt led to be part of the Ministry Support Team as the Newsletter Coordinator and I may be sharing his newsletter on the web site, so when I post updates about Chris’s job with Love Inc., you will understand the parallel with Risen Ridge.

Thank you for coming along the journey with us!

Risen Ridge Ministry