God is so good!

In the late fall of 2018, someone from our community contacted us about her two horses. She and her family were moving to Texas and due to their age and health complications, the horses were unable to make the long trip. Even though we were not equipped to take on horses at that point, we went to meet her and assess the horses to see if they would be suitable for Risen Ridge. We learned that they were not moving until late May, so if the horses would work, we had some time. We had a lovely visit with Tom and Barb Mayfield! Their horses, while truly lovely, were not the best match for us at that time, although we thought that maybe one or both would work for a friend of ours who teaches riding lessons. We were at their farm for a couple of hours, sharing our hearts, and praying together.

Fast forward to March 5th and I received a message from Barb that, because of the underlying health issues and age, both Cooley and Grits were humanely euthanized. In one of the most difficult times for any horse (or animal) lover, Barb thought of Risen Ridge. She and Tom wanted to bless us with Grits' and Cooley’s equipment! God knew! He knew that the connection we made was more than what we thought it was. We thought it was about the horses, but He knew that it was about being obedient, being generous, and encouraging us with His timing.

Not only is this an amazing blessing for the ministry but the timing was a giant confirmation from God that the Miller property was the right move. The Mayfield’s generous blessing came only five days after we connected with the Miller’s for the first time.

Chris and I went to pick up the items this past week and we were just so amazed at God’s goodness and faithfulness. Not only is it a lot of horse equipment, which I will list below, but Tom had built Barb a set of stairs to help her get on Cooley because she was so tall. The stairs are huge and have a platform at the top that is big enough for two people. Before we said our goodbyes, we prayed for their move to Texas and over the equipment. We specifically prayed that people will come to know Jesus as they climb the stairs.

The blessing from the Mayfields includes:

2 plastic pitch forks, metal pitch fork, large metal shovel, lunge line, lunge whip, crop, 2 bitless bridles, 1 leather bridle, assorted brushes, 2 buckets, 3 buckets that hook to a fence, grazing muzzle, fly mask, 2 saddles, a bareback pad, 3 girths, 2 galvanized trash cans, a saddle pad, and 2 helmets. The stairs are 5 steps with a 4’x4’ platform at the top.

2 Corinthians 9:8

8 And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.

These gifts put us so much closer to being able to serve our community! I pray that they will help us do good work in His name.

Risen Ridge Ministry