Part of what we hope to do as a ministry is rescue horses.  Sometimes, their stories of rescue, love, and redemption, can speak to people and touch people in ways that our words cannot.  People who have come from broken places can relate to animals who have come from broken places, too.  When people hear how patience, love, and prayer, have brought healing to the horse, they can see how it would be healing in their lives, also.  Somehow, the animal is able to break down walls that we didn’t even know were there. 

As much as I love animals, I am also keenly aware that not all animals that come into a rescue facility are able to be healed.  As a ministry, we will try to help every soul that the Lord leads to us and we will consider it an honor to give the rescued animals a little tender loving care before they leave this world. 

Risen Ridge has two horses and a pony to serve the community with us. Click the link below their photo to read their story and how they came to be our ministry partners.

The average cost to keep our partners healthy and happy is $200 per month for each horse. If you would like to donate to their care and upkeep, please click the donation link below. Because of the amazing donations that we recieve through God's provision, Risen Ridge Ministry is able to offer its services free of charge. Thank you for blessing this ministry!




Risen Ridge Ministry