In mid-June 2019, Jen got a phone call from Joanne.  She had a horse that she felt would be a great healing partner for veterans and people who suffer from PTSD.  She had been praying for 2 years for the Lord to show her where Socks could be used in ministry.  Through a friend of a friend, she found Risen Ridge!  Joanne knows him better than anyone because he was her horse for 15 years!  They enjoyed hours and hours of trail rides, grandchildren, laughter, and tears, and she knew he would be the perfect fit for Risen Ridge.  After praying, discussing, and evaluating, Socks became the first ministry horse for Risen Ridge.  Less than one week passed between the initial phone call and him arriving at the ministry.  When God is ready to move, you need to be ready!

Socks is a 16.0h, 19-year-old, Tennessee Walking Horse.  He is a beautiful chestnut with two hind socks and a stripe and a snip on his face.  He is very peaceful to be near and he will just stand with you as you talk to him, brush him, or hug him. We are looking forward to the healing that the Lord will bring to people who spend time with him.

The services at Risen Ridge will be offered free of charge to those whom God brings.  If you would like to help with the care and upkeep of Socks and the rest of the herd so that they may be used by God please follow the link below.



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