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Thank you for a wonderful 2023 season! 

Stay tuned for news about next season!


Annual Fundraiser - 2 ways to support Risen Ridge!

No upcoming events at the moment

Risen Ridge Ministry needs a new location!

Over the past few years, as Risen Ridge went from a vision to a reality, God has been teaching us and shaping us into the ministry that He has for His Kingdom. Learning to wait for His direction and His timing has been challenging (and we're still learning), but things are ALWAYS smoother when it's in His strength and not our own. 

Years ago, God gave us the vision of a farm retreat. A place where people can come and experience Him in His creation, away from the business of daily life. The time is coming to see that vision become a reality. 

I am always reminded that when we had nothing but a vision and a group of prayerful, supportive friends, I woke up one morning not knowing that by the same afternoon I would be standing in the barn that Risen Ridge now calls home. It can happen quickly!

If you would please pray and consider your contacts. We know that God is working in the heart of the connection we need to transition to the next phase of Risen Ridge Ministry.

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