Homemade Buttermints

Just in time for Christmas

Our melt-in-your-mouth mints are handmade in a beautiful, old, farmhouse on a Mennonite dairy farm in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. You can thank April, the milk cow, for the fresh cream that sets these mints apart. They come beautifully packaged in a half-pint mason jar that can be used for years to come and make a wonderful gift.

The proceeds from the purchase of the buttermints go directly to the Beck family as they continue to follow the Lord's leading in the development of Risen Ridge Ministry.

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Campfire Cookout

On a very chilly evening in early November, we had a cookout/campfire/potluck dinner for the faithful crew that has been with us all year. It was amazing and we will most definitely be doing similar events more often because this crew can cook!!!!! We set up the food in the barn, ate around a campfire in the arena, roasted marshmallows for s'mores, and played games. It was really nice to get together without an agenda, to just enjoy the fellowship and be thankful for the many hands, hearts, and prayers that have been at work for Risen Ridge this year !

Welcome Dezi!

When Chris and Jen went to Hope's Legacy for the first time in early July, they met Dezi. As they were finishing the tour of the facility with their friend, Chris felt God leading him to an out-of-the-way barn area that they hadn't seen yet. When they saw her, they both became very emotional. At that point, she was only 6 weeks into her rehabilitation and still had a long way to go. You see, on May 31st, Dezi was found locked in a stall with no food or water. She was near death. Even the vet was uncertain if she would survive rehabilitation. As soon as Chris saw her, he knew in his heart that she was meant to come to Risen Ridge. Jen knew that Dezi's background and true demeanor were hidden within that skeletal body and likely wouldn't be known until she was further along in her recovery. Their friend, Courtney, who volunteers with Hope's Legacy and has been their contact with them, became Dezi's person. She kept the director in the loop as to Risen Ridge's interest and they waited for her to regain her physical strength so she could be evaluated. On October 27th, Chris and Jen wanted to go visit Dezi. She had begun to be evaluated under saddle and Courtney was riding her that day. Everyone was very pleased with her! So pleased, in fact, that they allowed 5-year-old Fizzy to ride Dezi. Chris, Jen, and the Risen Ridge board of directors were in agreement, Dezi was meant to become Risen Ridge's 3rd four-legged ministry partner. After almost losing her to an unknown pending trial adoption, God worked it out and Dezi came home on November 4th. 

Hope's Legacy Equine Rescue is expertly skilled in rehabilitating horses. This miraculous transformation only took 5 months. You can read all of Dezi's story as well as see more pictures of her on her page.

T-shirts are here!

Risen Ridge Ministry T-shirts are here! By wearing the T-shirts, you are sharing the vision of Risen Ridge.  That is a huge blessing for the ministry! 


The shirts are $15 each. We have burgundy, navy, and grey. The grey has white ink, not black like the photo. Adult sizes S-2XL. They do run on the larger side so if you're not sure, go smaller.

If you would like to order T-shirts, contact Jen or click the button below to fill out the order form. After filling out the order form, you will receive a Paypal invoice (you don't need a Paypal account to complete your purchase)

Thank you for supporting Risen Ridge Ministry!!!!!

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If you feel led to give of your time, your talent, or your treasure, please let us know!  

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