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Risen Ridge ministry shares hope through horses and Jesus


BY SHANNON KELLY/(540) 932-3563

What does one do when you have five children,

a steady career and comfortable home, then

suddenly feels deeply called to step out in faith

and let go of certainty to pursue a calling to

mission? The Beck family decided to listen and

heed the call.

One morning in 2014, as Jen and Chris Beck sat in

church listening to their missionary friends share

the story of their experiences on missions trip in

Texas, the couple was struck with a calling.

The missionaries had been working in Texas with

survivors of trafficking. One component of the

program they witnessed was the healing impact of

horses and survivors working together. Chris and

Jen began weeping at the moving testimony. They

knew then beyond a doubt that God was calling

them to dedicate their lives to serving Him, and those in need, through the ministry of horses and nature.

Turning a vision into reality is a long process, and Jen and Chris are continually learning about patience and faith along the way. But, even in the face of overwhelming odds, the Becks learned that nothing can stand in the way of God’s plan.

“Everything comes from God’s provision,” Chris said. “We do not have the capacity in any way to make it happen. We walk in faith day to day with His provision alone.”

And God did provide.

Their house was sold, and Chris left his job of 20 years to pursue this ministry full-time, but the Becks still did not have the farm they needed. After fervent prayer and sharing their story on social media, a family near Fishersville contacted the Becks. They had heard about the mission, and wanted to allow use of their farm to help carry out God’s purpose. The tranquility and beauty of nature surrounding the farm, combined with Psalm 23, inspired Risen Ridge’s mission statement: “Providing a sanctuary, within God’s creation, to foster new life.”

During the wait for a farm, the Becks began laying other foundations to work toward the mission — and learned a valuable lesson about God’s timing.

“We started with the planning. With the board, with the vision, the mission, values, website, all the foundational pieces. And then we got the farm,” Jen said. “I realized somewhere in that process that if we had had the farm before that, we would have skimmed over all these foundational pieces that are so important.”

Over the years, every need has been met. Donations of tack, time and hard work continued flowing in. The Becks were also led to adopt the first two equines for Risen Ridge: Socks and Maple. Horses can be incredible at facilitating healing with humans, especially when the horses have painful pasts of their own. For this reason, the Becks plan to work with rescue horses in the program.

“It’s about learning to trust again,” Chris said. “If you’ve had trauma in your life, it’s hard to come back into a relationship with people, but God can use a horse to bridge that gap.”

Chris experienced this healing with God and horses in his own life. As a police officer, he experienced his own level of trauma which led to “severe” depression.

“We experience a lot of trauma,” he said. “We see a lot of death and other things, and it causes a lot of long-term effects. I had built up walls to protect my heart.”

When Chris began working with horses, the walls began to come down and he began to heal.

“The horse began to work that out, and bring down those walls, to experience things in a fresh way again. I went through trauma, and God restored me. I can’t wait to give back for what God did for me.”

Chris has a special heart for first responders, and hopes that Risen Ridge will be able to provide the same restoration that he experienced.

Jen, a lifelong horsewoman herself, has a passion for working with families.

“I see so many organizations that help children. There’s such a big need to help children. But then they go home to the parents who have problems, too,” Jen said. “And it’s just a cycle then.”

Jen hopes to involve parents in the program, along with children, to meet each individual where they are and help break these cycles through the love of horses and Christ.

The program will not be limited to first responders and families.

“We know that God will bring the people that need to come,” Jen said.

While the objective of the program is to share the love of Jesus with its participants, Risen Ridge is nondenominational. Rather than serving man-made denominations and religious institutions, the goal is to serve God and His purpose.

Jen said that Christ “doesn’t recognize denominations.”

“There are people from all walks and denominations that have joined us,” Chris added. “It has to be rooted in the Word of God, in prayer, and led by the Holy Spirit. Without those three things, you don’t have a ministry. God didn’t want us to be influenced by man, but by Him.”

The Becks look forward to partnering with other ministry organizations in the area, where they can help and strengthen each other as they reach out to help others.

Risen Ridge will officially launch its program in the spring of 2020. After years of behind-the-scenes preparation, the ministry will take off to touch more people.

“We have a lot of God-sized visions, but God can deliver,” Chris said. “He can deliver all those things.”

Risen Ridge ministry will hold an informational session on Nov. 20, at 7 p.m. at Common Ground, 15 Angela Ct., Fishersville.

Anyone interested in becoming involved with the ministry is invited to join. Prospective volunteers may also contact the Becks at

For more information, visit                                                               






                                                                                                                                Be sure to join us on the 20th to learn more about Risen Ridge Ministry!

                                                                                                                                                                      Wednesday, November 20th

                                                                                                                           7-8PM at Common Ground in Fishersville


The first annual Risen Ridge Roundup was a wonderful success! We really didn't know what to expect because this was our first big event and the ministry is still so new. Imagine our joy when the Ridgeview gym filled with nearly 140 friends old and new, family, and local business owners. We enjoyed delicious desserts and listened to story after story of how God works through horses to help restore hope and bring healing. God touched people's hearts that evening!

God's favor is surely on Risen Ridge Ministry...between the one-time gifts, the monthly support, and the pledges,

OVER $21,000

was raised! To God be the glory!!!!!



On September 27th, 2019, eight supporters of Risen Ridge Ministry, including the Board of Directors, headed to Shepherd Youth Ranch in Creedmoor, NC, for a two-day horse ministry clinic. There were more than 60 participants representing horse ministries from as far away as California and Canada! The clinic was rich in information that covered all aspects of horse ministry from the horses to the guests to the facility to the business side of things and everything in between. There are so many different "flavors" of horse ministries and the need is great for all of them. We were beyond blessed by the connections we made and the information we learned! One aspect that really struck us all is the Kingdom perspective that all of these ministries operate from. The information is not coveted or kept to themselves. It all comes from our Heavenly Father and therefore, belongs to all of us who are seeking to serve Him. Everyone is willing and eager to share what works for them, pitfalls they have encountered along the way, and is seeking to bring healing to hurting people through the love of Jesus. Our team was blessed and can't wait to begin to create programming for Risen Ridge Ministry that utilizes the information we learned.



If you feel led to give of your time, your talent, or your treasure, please let us know!  

We have a wishlist of immediate needs if you would like to donate any items.

Wednesday, November 20th 

7-8 PM


Common Ground in Fishersville (15 Angela Ct, Fishersville)

All are welcome!

Come as you are :-)

Contact us with any questions.  Hope to see you!

Want to learn more about Risen Ridge Ministry? Please join us!

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