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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Risen Ridge Ministry! We are so very excited to share this journey with you. As a volunteer, your support and dedication will directly impact our community for the Kingdom of Heaven by building relationships based on the love of Jesus Christ. We can't wait to welcome you into this growing family of people who desire to serve the Lord by sharing His Kingdom with those who are hurting. Your service of volunteering is greatly appreciated and warmly received. Whether you are an experienced horse person or not, your willingness to serve is always welcome. 

To become a Risen Ridge volunteer, there are just a few steps that you need to complete. 

Volunteer Orientation to be held on February 20th, 2PM, at Common Ground in Fishersville. Please call Jen to register (540)849-5718 


Learn all about what exactly Risen Ridge is and to figure out if it is something you feel called to become involved with. We will hold these presentations periodically throughout the year, but if you have heard the story when we have presented at your church or organization or if you have met with us personally, then you are ready for volunteer orientation. 



At the orientation, you will learn about the culture of Risen Ridge Ministry, the policies and procedures, and the volunteer roles that are available. 

Forms are available to you, online, after attending the volunteer orientation.



A few volunteer positions require extra training, usually on-site, at the barn. We will schedule this training after you have completed the volunteer orientation.

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